About Us

Chopin is reputed to have said: “There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of an acoustic guitar, save the sound of two.” We agree with Chopin

Robbie and Mike, are the heart of the SBGC. Their diverse backgrounds meld into one as they bring you the rich musical heritage that is World Music, offering upbeat, artistic expression of traditional, dance-rhythm music. Little bit from Latin America, Spain and Eastern Europe and generally everywhere all at once.

Featuring original music by Robbie in their repertoire, they also bring you music you know and love from groups such as the Gipsy Kings, Buena Vista Social Club, and Santana.

Versatile for many kinds of events or functions,  Santa Barbara Guitar Collective has an extensive repertoire and can bring joyful sounds to your wedding or private party. Santa Barbara Guitar Collective also honors wedding music requests. If you have a specific song or piece of music you would like played at your wedding, we can accommodate.